Friday Art Group

Created by Helen 5 months ago

I was a member of the FAG for at least 25 years. The Group was started by Wendy and Liz Bulman many years ago and we would meet every Friday morning (hence the name!) at first at The Bourne and then at Bentley Hall.  The Group was a very friendly one and I have many happy memories painting amongst friends, with coffee and chats mid morning and even a cake sometimes!  In the summer Wendy meticulously organised a painting venue for each week, sometimes in the countryside, villages, interesting houses and buildings, or in many beautiful gardens.  We each had directions and took our painting stuff, a folding chair and lunch.  It was wonderful. We always had a Christmas lunch, and an Exhibition each year.  Wendy did us proud! I eventually moved away (5 years ago) but will always regard the FAG with so much affection.  Thank you Wendy!