Wendy and Art

Created by Sharon 5 months ago
I recently heard the sad news of Wendy’s passing. I have known Wendy for many, many years, both of us loved art and we belonged to the same art societies. She was a dynamic force and was a real mover and shaker when I was Chairman of PACS, offering sensible advice and interesting proposals. On those occasions when life was busy for me, I said on more than once, “OK, your idea, your baby, YOU do I t!”  and she was always happy to get in there and have a go with good grace. Like me, she could be a bit of a sergeant major, but it has to be said, that attitude gets the job done!
I will miss her very much. We weren’t best buddies, but in my head, she was a real part of the arty scene and I shall miss her very much at our future events. 
Bless you Wendy.